Claudia Häggström, Chairman of the board
Owner and CEO of StrategiResurs Örnsköldsvik AB. Has many years of experience of operational work as an auditor and responsible manager within finance and production area. With extensive experience of board assignments in large and medium-sized companies.
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Boh Westerlund, board member and founder
An entrepreneur and leader who has led many companies focusing on product and system development. Boh has extensive technical knowledge and many years of experience in sales and marketing.

Roland Skoog, board member
Multi-entrepreneur who constantly inspires within businesses from fuels and energy, hotels, to commercial properties and real estates. With commitment, he invests and builds fantastic companies.

Klaus Hansen, board member
Former CEO of Solaris AB in Malmö. Highly experienced and results-oriented within transportation, with a constant focus on human management, organizational development and market shares. With a strong determination to serve customer relationship, constantly adapt the organization to the market and maintain an innovative and progressive strategy for delivery and quality.
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