Technology that contributes to a completely emission-free transport sector

Fuel cell vehicles that run on hydrogen gives no other emissions than pure water and are an important piece of the puzzle in the transport sector.

We have a growing climate problem and increased prices for traditional fuels. Therefore, we have developed a new, unique technology that enables the “green transition”.

Oazer AB (publ) constantly get requests from customers. The company has therefore decided to carry out a new issue in order to be able to meet the strong market expansion that awaits:

– We are very proud to have succeeded in developing this new technology that can contribute to a completely emission-free transport sector and a sustainable society. Therefore, it is a unique investment opportunity to help us commercialize our products, says the company’s vice president.

The company’s vision is supported in the academic world. Cecilia Wallmark, doctor of technology at Luleå University of Technology, believes that hydrogen will play an important role for the transport and industrial sector. According to her, hydrogen will be necessary in the future.

– Hydrogen will be needed in a renewable energy system, she says.

Do you want to contribute to a cleaner world?

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