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Key facts

The EU will invest €430 billion up to 2030 to ensure that hydrogen becomes an important part of our energy future. The transition to a hydrogen economy in the EU will be conducted in three phases between 2020 and 2050.

“This is a gigantic investment. The potential is enormous both for European businesses and for much needed climate changes.”
Björn Aronsson, Operation Manager at Vätgas Sverige

Our mission

We offer local and customer-adapted delivery as well as production of fossil-free hydrogen with our own modular, scalable and semi-mobile refueling stations. The gas is used as fuel in fuel cell electric vehicles (FC-EV). The fuel is produced using only water and clean green electricity, and the clean water vapor emissions from these vehicles are safely absorbed into the surrounding environment. Also, the air is cleaned by FC-EVs.

A unique concept

We offer small and large modular and scalable semi-mobile hydrogen filling stations. The stations are adapted to the Arctic climate, where temperatures can fall below -40°C, as well as subarctic climates, where winters are long and cold but in summer temperatures can rise above +30°C. Our solutions allow you to start small and develop your stations over time.

New trucks and vehicle conversion

In addition to the fuel cell electric cars currently on the market we can offer, via our partners, new hydrogen-powered trucks in several models. We can also convert vehicles to electric and hydrogen operation. This means that you can be driving heavy vehicles completely emission-free within a year. We are at the forefront of implementing this technology shift to zero-emission in Sweden and Finland.

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