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Our journey towards a totally emission-free society

Business Idea & Vision

Oazer AB provides hydrogen systems adapted to subarctic and arctic climates to customers/partners who want zero-emission hydrogen solutions.

To develop and expand together with our partners/customers by building a network of refueling stations across our geographical market.

To become a profitable company and a well-known and established brand. To expand within the EU market and through continuous development and expansion ensure long-term profit and growth.


Oazer’s Founder and former owner, Boh Westerlund, has worked with various types of electric vehicles for over 45 years. In 2009 he formed Hybricon AB, which put Sweden’s first plug in hybrids on the streets and then converted a fleet of 12 meter city buses from diesel to pure electric power.

The company Oazer AB was founded in 2016. What started as a “separate hydrogen filling station” has developed into a complete concept with modular scalable and semi-mobile filling stations adapted to the subarctic and arctic climate.

A pure circle

Hydrogen as an energy carrier is perhaps the most important step in our transition to a sustainable society. A sustainable society no longer depends on ‘climate neutrality’ and ‘fossil freedom’. It requires zero emissions!

The work with renewable energy sources and emission-free transport systems is important – and not only from an environmental perspective. When organisations such as the EU, states, municipalities and the business community work together to develop new global systems, innovation is promoted and sustainable growth and new jobs are created. Unlike the battery industry, the hydrogen industry will not give rise to new mining activity. Almost all the equipment used can be made from recycled materials and the end product – hydrogen – is made from water and electricity generated by solar, wind and hydropower. The water can be safely returned to the environment, creating a clean cycle, which leads to a circular economy. In fact even the air that passes through the fuel cells is filtered from, for example, road particles – which further contributes to a cleaner environment.

Business Model

Oazer offers a unique concept for the production of standardized and modularly flexible hydrogen refueling stations in both Nordic and international markets.

About Oazer

The price of Oazer hydrogen hydrogen systems depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The size of the production unit
  • Type and number of vehicles to be fueled
  • We expect to be competitive whatever the operational size of our customers

Important milestones

2016 – The company was founded
2017 – SVEVIA became our first customer
2018 – Established the first HRS* in northern Sweden
2019 – Inauguration of the first HRS
2021 – Awarded a patent for our innovative HRS cooling technology
2021 – Cooperation agreement signed with WasaGroup Oy
2021 – Cooperation agreement signed with Skoogs Bränsle AB
2022 – Production of Oazer’s first commercial products

*HRS = Hydrogen Refueling Station

About our patented HRS cooling technology

Hydrogen needs to be cooled down in order to refuel quickly. But cooling the gas to the right temperature while refueling a vehicle is a costly process. Our patented HRS cooling technology means the gas remains cooled at different stages of the process, providing a more cost-effective solution than the industry standard.

We offer our customers faster, easier and more cost-effective ways to embrace the technology shift towards zero-emission. Our scalable, flexible, climate-friendly and technology-led concepts are easy to adapt to both our customers’ needs and those of our society.