Our systems:

The foundation of our modular system is the refueling stations: Oazer HRS (Hydrogen Refueling Station). Our stations are container-based, modular and scalable. Storage units are connected to the station where hydrogen is either transported or produced onsite.

The foundation for the Oazer HRS module system is the refueling station module, that come in two basic sizes, which can be developed and extended according to needs.

The stations currently available in our first phase are OAZER Micro HRS and the OAZER 350 HRS.

Next step will be the Mini and larger public MEDI & MAXI HRS.


This is a basic refueling station for vehicles with a 350 Bar refueling system and is a good system for refueling vehicle fleets containing heavier vehicles. It is primarily intended for buses and trucks. It is also a simple and sturdy back up for all other stations.

Micro HRS

The smallest model for 350 and 700 Bar has less capacity and takes up to an hour (depending on source pressure) to fill a car tank full to 700 Bar. It is suitable for businesses with a few cars where refueling time is not important. The demo station at Svevia in Umeå is a Micro HRS station.


This is a full-size public station for 350 and 700 Bar (and higher), which features fast refueling and the capacity to handle large, heavy transport. It is similar in size to the large stations that are being deployed throughout the industrialised world. MEDI HRS can be expanded to a MAXI HRS with capacity for substantial vehicle fleets that contain a large number of heavy vehicles.

Own production

We offer the opportunity to install your own production facility, which is especially useful for places without access to hydrogen. This mainly consists of one or more containers containing electrolyzers and purification plant. All you need is access to water and an electricity connection.

Hydrogen storage

Regardless of whether you buy hydrogen or produce your own, it still needs to be stored onsite. This can be done in bottles (very small volumes), or in containers with tanks. Oazer uses a 450 bar container system for optimal storage. (For sizable volumes, large steel tanks can be built for permanent storage).