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First fuel cell vehicle to reach the most northern hydrogen filling station in Europe on its own!

In the TV documentary “The long way north”, the motor journalist Christof Johann explores the possibilities of driving the 2,500-kilometer journey from Köln to Skellefteå in northern Sweden in a Toyota Mirai (WLTP fuel consumption: combined hydrogen 0.89-0.79 kg / 100 km; combined energy consumption 0 kWh / 100 km; combined WLTP CO2 emissions 0 g / km).

After a visit to a refinery in Wesseling south of Köln, where the conversion to one of the largest hydrogen production facilities in Europe is currently underway, the expert takes on the long journey north. Via Norra Friesland, the route goes to Gothenburg and on to Skellefteå, where Europe’s largest factory for traction batteries is being built and which is operated exclusively with green electricity.

Oazer’s gas station, the most northern hydrogen gas station in Europe, received the highest rating!

– Here we have a petrol station that really works both quickly and smoothly in cold climates, says Christof Johann and gives a thumbs up.

Long Way North premiered on Saturday 16 April 2022 on the news channel n-tv and the report also includes a test where Mirai is accompanied by a battery-powered electric vehicle. This leads to a direct comparison between fuel cell and clean electric cars. Who copes better with the unfavorable conditions, who reaches the goal the fastest?

To be continued …