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Lidl’s vehicle fleet is switching to hydrogen

The Lidl discount chain is replacing its entire vehicle fleet in a logistics center with fuel cells powered by green hydrogen, making it the first of its kind in Europe, according to a press release.

About 100 forklifts or 80 percent of the vehicle fleet at the German dealer’s logistics center in Carquefou, in western France, are already working on green hydrogen, and the rest will follow at the end of the year. The center will be supplied with 75 kilos of green hydrogen per day, which is generated using wind energy.

– We will see more and more conversions to hydrogen in the future, says Boh Westerlund, CEO of Oazer. As the energy source of the future, hydrogen will make an important contribution to achieve climate goals around the world. The time for hydrogen and the technology required is ripe for a successful energy transition and what we can contribute are tank systems adapted to the sub-Arctic and Arctic climates.

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